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Maggie – Senior travel agent

Even customers I have known for many years are sometimes difficult to read. Recommending the right spot for someone you have just met and who has no specific preference or idea of where to go sometimes equals the act of looking into a crystal ball. Our travel agency has implemented a stand-alone solution of PixMeAway and it has been helping me read my clients ever since. They have the comfort of getting inspired without any influence and I can point them in the right direction based on their travel profile – I do feel like a tourist whisperer!

Horst Glasauer – IT division manager at Eurotours

PixMeAway has picked up a rather unique approach: instead of categorizing clients they identify them as a realistic mixture of emotional preferences from different perspectives. This way, a client has the opportunity of an intuition- based research while travel agencies benefit from a cutting edge travel segmentation of their clients travel profile.

Max – self-proclaimed tour guide

I always look forward in spending vacations with my friends, but quite frankly, I have never looked forward in planning our trips, never. Different location and date of departure and variety of interests has made it always very tricky to hit common grounds the easy way. I have invited my travel mates to join PixMeAway. Not only were they surprised by the search result regarding their travel type, but also of the recommended travel destinations, that suite all of us. I know enjoy planning our trips, always.

Rudolf Mertl - CEO TraviAustria

PixMeAway brings emotions back to travel agencies and the software they use and at the same time distances from regular booking data.
This way the travel agent gets to know his or her clients much better and thereby can improve the counseling process in a playful and easy manner. The outcome if that is an increase on customer satisfaction and profitability.

Annie – User

In a magical way my partner and I complement on another on most topics except on planning our vacation, as we are both open for anything and at the same time struggle to make a decision. And it has not become easier with children, but it has become a piece of cake with PixMeAway – expressing in pictures what we are not able to put in words has been a relief for our annual vacation planning – this is kind of magic too!

Andreas Egger, CEO

PixMeAway has demonstrated an entirely new approach on client segmentation and is therefore supporting our improvement on customer care and relationship with the customer.
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