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Why PixMeAway?

PixMeAway can guide you in 4 simple steps to your dream vacation and we have 4 simple reasons why:

There is a lot to discover in the world and at the same time our vacation period is limited and of course you want to make the right decision. Though the tourism industry is offering plenty of offers, starting from package tours to individual offers, we still struggle with the decision of where to spend our well-deserved vacation. The good news is, you are not alone, statistically a third of us is struggling with this decision every year when looking for offers.
We are convinced that all you need is a little bit of inspiration and the support of science – let our pictures speak for you and we´ll do the rest!

Compared to other travel platforms we want to get to know you, your desires and interests. Our recommendations are based on your picture selection, which lead us to your travel profile. Together with your preferences on climate and landscape we can define a travel profile for recommending the “best” destination.
Our recommendations do not only include countries or cities but also specific regions, sightseeing and hot spots, hotels and much more… as stated there is a lot to see in this world!

Difficult enough to decide for yourself where to spend your vacation, planning a trip with friends, family, kids or colleagues seems even trickier, but PixMeAway has the solution!
With our picture set you can hit common grounds or rather common destinations. Invite your follow passengers to PixMeAway, so we can identify the travel type of each participant, but still get to a search result, that includes and suites everyone’s travel profile. Planning a vacation for a group has never been easier!

And finally, a picture remains worth a thousand words and that is why we invented a picture-based search engine. Pictures evoke emotions and assist in awakening subconscious desires. Thanks to our scientifically grounded and fun method, everyone can find the holiday of his or her dreams! Give it a try!
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